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Ways to take CBD

CBD has been proven to produce beneficial effects by modulating 5HT1A receptors, adenosine uptake, CB2 receptors, PPAR receptors, glycine receptors, histone/DNA methylation, NFkB levels, anandamide uptake, and TRP channel modulation and more!


We invite you to read one of our favorite research papers to update you on the science of non psychoactive plant cannabinoids.


Please check out our other educational sections to learn more about cannabinoids effects on anxiety, pain, and skincare.





Try CBD at 25mg every 8-12 hours, if you find relief after 3 days great, if not double the dose and try for 3 more days and so forth. Remember importantly CBD is very safe – in research trials pediatric patients have taken 1000s of milligrams a day with no serious adverse effects.




Body lotions – apply as needed to your skin. For our facial care products follow directions on packaging.

Vape – Take 3 inhalations and evaluate how you feel. Peak effects may be felt within 30 minutes and last 2-4 hours.